Notes From Pete McKnight: Strength and Conditioning for the French Alpine Ski Team

Pete McKnight is currently Strength & Conditioning Coach for the French Alpine Ski Team based in Annecy France. Previously he has worked for UK Athletics, Leicestershire County Cricket, and the English Institute of Sport where he worked with a number

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Notes From Stuart Yule: Physical Preparation of a Professional Rugby Team

Stuart Yule (follow him on Twitter @stuartmyule) is currently the Head Strength and Conditioning coach at Glasgow Warriors. Prior to working in professional rugby, Stuart was a lead S&C coach in both the Scottish and English Institutes of sport. Within

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Notes From Dr Barry Spiering: Minimum Effective Dose For Maintaining Peak Physical Performance

Barry A. Spiering, PhD, CSCS is a Research Physiologist in the Military Performance Division at the United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM). The overarching goal of his research at USARIEM is to optimise physical training strategies to

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Notes From Dr Raphael Brandon: S&C for Olympians, the Technical Approach of the EIS

Dr Raphael Brandon has 16 years experience as S&C coach to elite athletes in a variety of team and individual sports. Over the last six years he has specialised in S&C delivery to Great Britain’s Athletics (Track & Field) team,

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Notes from Frans Bosch – Transfer of Strength Training: Implications from the CNS

This was an important lecture for me as it introduced several concepts that prompted me to study many important aspects of skill acquisition as I mentioned in my introduction to What is good coaching? Frans Bosch is professor of biomechanics

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Notes from Dan Baker – Power Training Research & its Practical Application in Training the Brisbane Broncos

Dan Baker PhD has been Strength & Power coach at the Brisbane Broncos since 1995 during which time the team have won 6 Premierships and two World Club Challenges. You can read more about Dan on his website here. He

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Notes from Vladimir Issurin – Block Periodisation in Sport Training

This will be the first in a series of blogs where I post up my notes from the many lectures, seminars and continuous professional develeopment events that I have attended partly as a resource and partly (hopefully!) to stimulate some

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