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The importance of failure

Spotify recently produced two videos explaining the culture and processes that have taken them from a small start up in 2008 to 40 million users just 6 years later. Note: Thanks to Dr Joseph Lightfoot for sharing on Twitter –

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Why do you do it like that?

People often do things in a strange way. From small things, such as putting tea in a cup before the milk or having a beard that catches and displays what they have eaten that week all the way up to

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Hypothetically Speaking

Hypothetical questions and scenarios can be an extremely useful tool in planning and research. When applied to specific circumstances they allow us to create valuable contingency plans and obtain insight regarding novel situations. The British Army call contingency planning “Immediate

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Cargo Cult Coaching

Imitation may be the greatest form of flattery but is it best practice for coaching? In the digital age we are able to gain an ever increasing volume and closer insight in to elite sport performance and coaching but are

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Going to the Source

There is a huge amount of information available for coaches these days. The internet has created a huge pool of easily accessible information and there has also been a proliferation of courses, seminars, conferences, certifications etc. These have been set

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Feedback is an extremely important tool used by coaches on a daily basis especially when it comes to skill acquisition but what do we really know about it and how should it be used for best results? As I stated

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Holistic Coaching

Is your defensive practice lacking intensity because your players are lazy or is it actually because they are fatigued? Will punishment runs boost their performance or drive them further in to fatigue? What would you do to restore their energy

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Learning Styles: The Explicit Truth

Learning styles have become a buzz phrase in coaching recently with many National Governing Bodies adding content to their coaching courses which suggests a need to section athletes according to whether they learn best by Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic methods.

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Understanding Skills

There are many facets to the coaching process but one of the main concerns for any coach is improving the sporting skills of the athletes they work with. In order to optimally achieve this it is necessary to have solid

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What is good coaching practice?

This is a question that has dominated my thoughts for the past 6 months after I saw a presentation by Frans Bosch, professor of biomechanics and motor learning at Fontys University in the Netherlands, at the UKSCA conference last year.

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