Coaching Matters: Around the web January 2017 week 4

Coaching Matters, a round-up of the articles I have found interesting in the past week relating to coaching, sport science, physical preparation and skill acquisition. 

Last week Eddie Jones announced he had added Vision Specialist Sherylle Calder to his backroom staff. This week Calder announced that Smartphones are ruining sports skills and awareness. Over the week I had this parroted back to me by parents and Coaches but I have some doubts about the claim.  Primarily the claim that players are less skillful. I posted my thoughts on this Twitter thread. There are some important questions to be asked especially around whether vision is the same thing as perception and how it is measured (a laboratory & computer screen is vastly different from a sports field). The big issue for me is that most will take this soundbite on face value without considering any of the many complex issues behind it mainly because it fits a narrative that the older generation would like to believe i.e. that youngsters spend too much time on their phones.

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Simon Nainby is an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach and Tutor, Sports Massage Therapist, RFU Level II coach and an Assistant Athletics Coach. He has worked for a number of professional and semi-professional teams and he currently acts as a coaching consultant through Underground Athletics to a wide range of athletes from rugby players to Olympic Lifters. He provides physical preparation training and support in order to maximise sports performance. This consists of strength, speed and power training combined with recovery support to create a periodised programme which is essential for athletes to perform to their potential.

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