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Coaching Matters, my round up of articles & videos is proving more & more popular so I thought I would provide an RSS feed of the sites I visit most regularly for those who would like the most up to date posts as they happen.

The articles update on an hourly basis so bookmark the page & keep coming back. If I am missing any good blogs drop me an email or let me know on Twitter @SiNainby. Enjoy!

  • HOW Player-centred Coaching… ii
    How to build a Team Culture… First up I will share with you where building a Team Culture fits within the Player-centred Coaching Philosophy/Approach… Some key components of an Athlete-centred Approach: “…establishing a quality team culture (wairua).” ... read more
    Source: Nick Hill CoachingPublished on 08-07-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Power in Asymmetry: Real Life Examples of the Complex Human Engine
    What is one of the “red pills” when it comes to coaching? Athletic movement is asymmetrical. I am the kind of guy who will forgo a comedy for a nature show.  Nature is the ultimate masterpiece at work. Everything works together, and it is downright unbelievable how creates can thrive ... read more
    Source: Just Fly Sports PerformancePublished on 07-07-18
    2 weeks ago
  • How to Master the Bulgarian Split Squat Exercise
    [mashshare] By Carl Valle The Bulgarian split squat is here to stay, but if it’s going to be a staple in your program, your athletes need to do it right. Lately, due to a rapid rise in its popularity, a rush to follow the trends in training has ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 07-07-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Competitive Engineering Junior Football to Enhance Player, Parent and Coach Experiences
    In a previous blog I discussed the merits of small sided game forms for junior football practice and game day experience. In the project I discuss in this blog, we used the concept of competitive engineering to investigate player, parent and coach experiences of a competition deliberately structurally changed to 9-a-side ... read more
    Source: Shane Pill – Learning through SportPublished on 07-07-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Exploring Coaching Practice and Coaching Perspectives at a Football (soccer) Club
    Coaching in Australia has been grounded in the Game Sense coaching approach (GSA) since the mid-1990's, and the GSA is indicated in the Australian Sports Commission Playing for Life Philosophy In Australia, the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) have a curriculum for coaching following a long term player development model from entry into the ... read more
    Source: Shane Pill – Learning through SportPublished on 07-07-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Can we trust the Tour, Sky and Chris Froome: Le Monde Op-Ed
     “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.  Cycling cannot be accused of forgetting its past.  It’s not for a lack of trying – many in the sport want to.  Those involved often pretend to forget, and even implore the sport’s followers to set aside their tainted ... read more
    Source: Ross Tucker – The Science of SportPublished on 06-07-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Adding Speed and Power to Track Jumpers with Nick Newman
    [mashshare] Freelap Friday Five with Nick Newman Nick Newman is Assistant Track & Field Coach at The University of California, Berkeley. Before joining UC Berkeley, Nick dedicated 10 years to the study and application of the development of athletes ranging from pre-adolescent youth to the professional ranks. ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 06-07-18
    2 weeks ago
  • The Three Building Blocks of a High-Performance Culture
    [mashshare] By Jason Hettler The conversation around culture is longstanding, and I had every intention of staying away from it. However, with the guys at HMMR Media doing a recent month-long deep dive reading Daniel Coyle’s The Culture Code, and a few lengthy discussions around culture in ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 05-07-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Predict the unpredictable
    Football never ceases to surprise us, and this World Cup has been no different. The early eliminations of Spain and Germany have been in keeping with a tournament that has been much more competitive than many thought. When we published our pre-tournament forecast last month, like everyone else we made ... read more
    Source: 21st ClubPublished on 05-07-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Power in Athletic Asymmetry with Adarian Barr, Just Fly Performance Podcast #105
    Today’s episode features coach, biomechanist and inventor, Adarian Barr.  Adarian has been my primary mentor in the field of human performance over the last year and a half and has completely changed the way I view the majority of athletic movements.  Through a greater awareness of what to watch and ... read more
    Source: Just Fly Sports PerformancePublished on 04-07-18
    2 weeks ago
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