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Coaching Matters, my round up of articles & videos is proving more & more popular so I thought I would provide an RSS feed of the sites I visit most regularly for those who would like the most up to date posts as they happen.

The articles update on an hourly basis so bookmark the page & keep coming back. If I am missing any good blogs drop me an email or let me know on Twitter @SiNainby. Enjoy!

  • 10 quick fixes for sloppy technique- no coaching required! pt. 1
    If you check out some of my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I’m a fan of the dynamic systems approach to skill development. As coaches we have to manipulate the task or the environment to arrive at the desired technique. [...] CONTINUE READING The post 10 quick fixes for… ... read more
    Source: Keir Wenham-Flatt – Rugby Strength CoachPublished on 19-03-17
    5 days ago
  • A thought crossed my mind: Injury prevention research & purpose
    I’ve just attended the 2017 IOC Conference on the Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport. The biggest impact it made on me is the realization that we (researchers and practitioners in sport) have to share the messages more and more effectively.  I set this website up to do that,… ... read more
    Source: Ross Tucker – The Science of SportPublished on 19-03-17
    5 days ago
  • Jim Wendler and CNBC
    As startling as this is, I made it onto CNBC.  No, I do not have any photo/video blackmail evidence that led to this.  The author, Eric Chemi, has used 5/3/1 for many years and heard about the new book coming out.  There are going to be a few more… ... read more
    Source: Jim Wendler – You are being lied to…Published on 18-03-17
    6 days ago
  • The Reserve
    Whilst coaching my school football team today a reserve from the opposition side caught my eye. He was a tall lad, who clearly hadn’t grown accustomed to his new height. A bundle of raw energy, he was running the line for his team. As he sidestepped up and down the… ... read more
    Source: Sporticus – Drowning in the ShallowPublished on 18-03-17
    6 days ago
  • Raising the Bar in the Iron Game With William Wayland
    Peak power performance plays a role in training for any sport, whether mixed martial arts, golf, or motorsports. In this Freelap Friday Five post, we talk to certified strength and conditioning specialist William Wayland, about the importance of the squat, peak power shifts, conquering the mental side of injuries, and… ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 17-03-17
    1 week ago
  • 5/3/1 Forever Introduction & PRE SALE update
    --- INTRODUCTION --- "This book is an addition to the original 5/3/1 book and the Beyond 5/3/1 book. 5/3/1 Forever is meant for those that understand the 5/3/1 program and the basics of how the program works. Many changes have happened since I developed the program in 2008 but the… ... read more
    Source: Jim Wendler – You are being lied to…Published on 16-03-17
    1 week ago
  • State of Play: Child & Youth Development in Sport- Views from around the world
    I recently wrote an article for the Irish Times about the role of the youth coach being more challenging than ever. I am very grateful for how the article has been received and thankful for the many messages of support I have been sent from various parts of the… ... read more
    Source: FootblogballPublished on 16-03-17
    1 week ago
  • Just Fly Performance Podcast Episode #39: Dr. Ken Clark
    This week’s guest is Dr. Ken Clark, professor of kinesiology at West Chester University, PA.   Ken is one of the top experts on speed in the world today, both from a research and practical perspective. Ken is not only a researcher, but is also a coach and consultant in the… ... read more
    Source: Just Fly Sports PerformancePublished on 16-03-17
    1 week ago
  • Pacey Performance Podcast #127 – Brett Bartholomew (Part 3)
    In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to strength & conditioning coach and now author, Brett Bartholomew. Brett has been on twice before and things have changed again for Brett since last time he was on, moving away from Unbreakable Performance and doing completely his… ... read more
    Source: Rob Pacey – Performance PodcastPublished on 16-03-17
    1 week ago
  • Comment on Just Fly Performance Podcast Episode #38: Chris Korfist and Dan Fichter on Inno-Sport and DB Hammer by Alex
    This episode was really great! I would definitely be interested in seeing DB Hammer’s notes if you guys were to make a pdf of the conversations you had with him. ... read more
    Source: Just Fly Sports PerformancePublished on 16-03-17
    1 week ago
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