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Coaching Matters, my round up of articles & videos is proving more & more popular so I thought I would provide an RSS feed of the sites I visit most regularly for those who would like the most up to date posts as they happen.

The articles update on an hourly basis so bookmark the page & keep coming back. If I am missing any good blogs drop me an email or let me know on Twitter @SiNainby. Enjoy!

  • Heel Referencing, A Pathway for Better Rotational Dynamics: Part 2
    By Colby Mamigonian Disclaimer: I would like to begin this article by stating that many of my ideas and approaches stem from my education from the Postural Restoration Institute. Through their integrative approach to movement and behavioral patterns, and the restoration of effective, triplanar, alternating and reciprocal function, I have ... read more
    Source: Just Fly Sports PerformancePublished on 16-03-18
    1 week ago
  • Jump Testing and Athlete Monitoring with Daniel Martinez
    [mashshare] Freelap Friday Five with Daniel Martinez Daniel Martinez is the head strength and conditioning coach at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and recently completed the demands of the Edith Cowan University M.S. in Strength and Conditioning. Freelap USA: What are the main pieces of information ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 16-03-18
    1 week ago
  • When he leaves the building
    One of the things that makes sport different to other industries is a sporting organisation’s dependency on a relatively small number of individuals. In the UK for example, a large ‘normal’ business generating £200m+ in turnover will employ over 1,500 people on average. A Premier League club with the same ... read more
    Source: 21st ClubPublished on 15-03-18
    1 week ago
  • The 10 Top Supplements for Speed & Power Athletes in 2018
    [mashshare] By Carl Valle Two years ago, I wrote an article listing the best sport supplements for athletes and I am surprised by how often coaches still reference it. I wish I had followed up with an addendum to it in 2017, but in reality, not much ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 14-03-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Speed and Power Training Q&A with Joel Smith: Just Fly Performance Podcast #89
    Today’s episode is a question and answer session where I take user questions from Instagram.  It’s always good to settle back and see what people are interested in, and things often tend to run in themes.  For this episode, themes revolved largely around lifting in positions of large ankle dorsiflexion ... read more
    Source: Just Fly Sports PerformancePublished on 13-03-18
    2 weeks ago
  • How Coaches Can Debate and Win on Social Media
    [mashshare] By Bob Alejo Without a doubt, this article was prompted by two recent debates I was involved in on Twitter that went every which way. One was the hotly contested and always good for entertainment debate regarding the functional movement screen. The other was over whether ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 13-03-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Long-Term Athlete Development and Team Sports
    [mashshare] By Nathan Kiely *Note: Quotations from Kiely refer to John Kiely, not the author of this article. We’ve all heard lots about periodization. Heck, I bet we’ve all read countless books, listened to many podcasts, and even attended a few seminars and conferences dedicated to the ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 12-03-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Not Very Stable Genius Week 10: March 5-11 2018
    THE FIRST WORDThe ultimate in security is the admission of insecurityTWEET OF THE WEEK:Time and attention are not the same.Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but varying levels of attention - Muneeb Ali (@muneeb)Quote-tweeted by James Clear (@james_clear), who adds:What you pay attention to with the time you ... read more
    Source: Stuart McMillan Speed StrengthPublished on 11-03-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Down under…
    So I’ve just finished my tour of Australia where I have been teaching my shoulder course in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and finally Brisbane, you can see more of this by following the #ShoulderComplex on social media. It’s been a hectic, busy, but really enjoyable few weeks and I want to ... read more
    Source: Adam Meakins – The Sports PhysioPublished on 11-03-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Coaching Sport for Understanding: Looking Back
    In 1986, Thorpe, Bunker and Almond in Rethinking Games Teaching wrote briefly about the influence of the original Loughborough games teaching team of Allen Wade, Eric Worthington and  on Stan Wigmore on the idea of using games as the vehicle for the transmission of skills. This led me to seek out their ... read more
    Source: Shane Pill – Learning through SportPublished on 10-03-18
    2 weeks ago
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