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Coaching Matters, my round up of articles & videos is proving more & more popular so I thought I would provide an RSS feed of the sites I visit most regularly for those who would like the most up to date posts as they happen.

The articles update on an hourly basis so bookmark the page & keep coming back. If I am missing any good blogs drop me an email or let me know on Twitter @SiNainby. Enjoy!

  • How to Simultaneously Train Speed and Strength for High Performance
    [mashshare] By Brady Poppinga The training of speed in a sports performance environment has been greatly overshadowed by strength training. Think of the common name attached to the profession: The majority of trainers in weight training facilities carry the title of Strength and Conditioning coach. Not Speed and Conditioning coach or ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 17-09-18
    5 days ago
  • Assessment of Games and Sport in Middle and Secondary School PE
    I recently worked with one of Australia's leading sport development officers, Mitch Hewitt from Tennis Australia, and John Williams from the University of Canberra, to professionally develop sport development officers in the ACT on the assessment of games and sport in PE (thanks to the Physical Activity Foundation: PE Pulse ... read more
    Source: Shane Pill – Learning through SportPublished on 16-09-18
    6 days ago
  • Zach Even Esh on Unconventional Training Means, Creativity and Youth Preparedness. Just Fly Performance Podcast #115
    Today’s episode features strength coach, educator and entrepreneur, Zach Even Esh.  Zach is one of the most well respected figures in the strength and conditioning industry, and has impacted over 1,000 athletes in his career as a coach.  He has founded the Underground Strength Gym, as well as creating the ... read more
    Source: Just Fly Sports PerformancePublished on 14-09-18
    1 week ago
  • Training Zones, Mileage, and Mentality for Runners with John O’Malley
    [mashshare] Freelap Friday Five with John O'Malley John O’Malley coaches cross country and track at Sandburg High School in the Chicago area, while teaching English during the day. John is well-known for the success of his 4x800 teams, and his slowest season-best time in the 4x8 since 2011 was 7:46.89. ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 14-09-18
    1 week ago
  • A decade of thoughts, lessons and reflections, part 3
    This is the third and final piece of a series dedicated to sharing the thoughts, lessons and reflections I have made looking back on the first decade of my coaching career. In case you missed part 1 and part 2, [...] CONTINUE READING The post A decade of thoughts, ... read more
    Source: Keir Wenham-Flatt – Rugby Strength CoachPublished on 13-09-18
    1 week ago
  • Applying the Compressed Triphasic Model with MMA Fighters
    [mashshare] By William Wayland My advocacy of triphasic training developed by Cal Dietz and expanded upon by Matt Van Dyke is well known. As a proponent of the method's principles, I’m endlessly trying to find ways to amplify its positives while mitigating the negatives—as would any good coach when ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 13-09-18
    1 week ago
  • A Buyer’s Guide to IMU Sport Sensor Devices for Professionals
    [mashshare] The microsensor market, specifically motion sensors found in many devices in sports tracking, exploded over the past few years. Unfortunately, due to the low cost of the sensors, the market has been overrun by gadgets instead of precision instruments. The velocity-based training market is now saturated with low-cost ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 12-09-18
    1 week ago
  • 4 Basic Competencies All Athletes Should Be Able to Perform
    What are the first things an athlete should be able to achieve in a training program? What are the goals of “Block Zero”? Something I think a lot of people don’t understand is that a sports performance program doesn’t directly create the ability for an athlete to be able to ... read more
    Source: Just Fly Sports PerformancePublished on 11-09-18
    2 weeks ago
  • The Best Conditioning Test You’ve Never Heard Of
    [mashshare] By Carmen Pata In my search for a better conditioning test, I found one that is too good to keep to myself. The athletes I work with begrudgingly know this test as 220s because that's the distance I ask them to sprint each rep. Before I get into ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 11-09-18
    2 weeks ago
  • Boring But Big: Beefcake Training
    BBB is the top monkey for two reasons. First, it is simple to follow and truly lives up to its name: boring. Second, it does a good job of putting on strength and size. Getting bigger, even if you don’t follow BBB, requires a few adjustments that are time-tested. Your ... read more
    Source: Jim Wendler – You are being lied to…Published on 10-09-18
    2 weeks ago
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