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Coaching Matters, my round up of articles & videos is proving more & more popular so I thought I would provide an RSS feed of the sites I visit most regularly for those who would like the most up to date posts as they happen.

The articles update on an hourly basis so bookmark the page & keep coming back. If I am missing any good blogs drop me an email or let me know on Twitter @SiNainby. Enjoy!

  • The NFL Combine 2.0
    [mashshare] Every year, the NFL Scouting Combine proves to be the biggest job interview for about 250 young men trying to fulfill their lifelong dream of playing in the National Football League. For some, it can enhance their draft stock tremendously. For others, it may have a detrimental impact ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 17-02-20
    59 mins ago
  • Infrequent Squats and Perfect Programming
    Question: Can you make progress on squats when training them every 9-10 days?Answer: Yes. Of course the question is, "Can you make MORE progress if you squat more often?" For some, yes. For others, no. But it is generally at the expense of something else. In training, like life, nothing ... read more
    Source: Jim Wendler – You are being lied to…Published on 16-02-20
    11 hours ago
  • A Practical Guide for Using Force Plates in Elite Sports
    [mashshare] Hundreds of professional sporting organizations are now using force plates due to their affordability and feasibility. Testing takes less than a minute to perform, provides rapid feedback, and produces objective data with high reliability when used properly. Unfortunately, many people overcomplicate this tool or find the complexity daunting. ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 16-02-20
    1 day ago
  • 2020 N.O.V Meet and Strength Fest
    When: 1 Day Event, June 13, 2020 Where: Strength Guild, 2800 NE Center Ave., Topeka, Kansas 66616 What: The 2nd Annual NOV Meet consists of a modified powerlifting meet, a full Highland Games and a sanctioned Strongman meet.   NOV Powerlifting Meet: The N.O.V. Meet consists of Buffalo Bar ... read more
    Source: Jim Wendler – You are being lied to…Published on 15-02-20
    1 day ago
  • Incline Sprinting – Using Hills, Ramps, Slopes, and Treadmills for Speed
    [mashshare] For some reason, the good old-fashioned hill is slowly dying out from many training programs. Perhaps the advent of sleds has turned a traditional staple into a less relevant option, or the difficulty in evaluating training sessions is the cause. I have used hills for years and consider ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 15-02-20
    2 days ago
  • Minding the Mental Skills Gap in Sports Performance with Matthew Caldaroni
    [mashshare] Matthew Caldaroni is a resilience coach who has worked with some of the most highly rated individuals that the professional sports and business world has to offer. A self-made success, Caldaroni created an unbreakable system that has helped countless individuals build a resilient lifestyle. Through his experiences working ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 14-02-20
    3 days ago
  • Pre-Season Parent Meeting
    As a parent, I dread going to boring parent meetings. As a coach, it’s a different story. Since I believe my talks contain the most important information that all parents are dying to hear, my meetings are anything but boring. I enjoy getting in front of the parents to ... read more
    Source: Can’t Pass Can’t PlayPublished on 12-02-20
    5 days ago
  • Off-Season Tips for High School Athletes Training on Their Own
    [mashshare] The summer is a terrific 10- to 12-week block of open calendar when many coaches hope their athletes will do a little extra training and come back to school ready for a big athletic year. Nothing beats enrolling in a private facility’s program or working under the eyes ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 12-02-20
    5 days ago
  • Teaching a 3-Phase Method for Managing Performance Stress
    [mashshare] Sitting in the bleachers behind the bench, bundled up between our team physiotherapist and nutritionist, I tightly squeezed their hands in mine. With the match level at a 2-2 in the 89th minute, our team had drawn a last-second penalty kick. Our 21-year-old striker, one of the league’s ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 11-02-20
    6 days ago
  • A Strongman’s Tips for Training Distance Runners in the Weight Room
    [mashshare] "Yeah, they should be fresh for weights," the coach said. "We’re only running five or six miles before coming to lift today." Welcome to the world of weight training with distance runners. If you're anything like me, you’re used to working with the traditional stop and go sports ... read more
    Source: SimpliFasterPublished on 10-02-20
    1 week ago
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