Coaching Matters: Around the Web September 2013


As the nights draw in and the temperature drops the Winter sports seasons start to gather pace. To help you through the increasing hours of darkness headed our way here is the September edition of Coaching Matters, the articles I have been reading through the last month.

There is a clear theme running through the General Coaching and Skill Acquisition sections. I will leave it to you to pick it out but suffice to say that it is something most coaches are unaware of or struggle to implement. Sport Science and Physical Preparation has a dominant topic at the moment too as David Epstein & Malcolm Gladwell battle it out over nature vs nurture. Fair play to Epstein though as without having read his book he does seem keen to avoid polarisation of the issue like many others.

Special mention this month goes to Revisiting Moneyball about Paul DePodesta and the journey that led him to challenge so many preconceptions not just in sport but life. It certainly inspired me enough to write a blog this month. There’s a challenge at the end and I’d be keen to hear if any of you take it up, what you did, why and how it worked out.

Why do you do it like that?

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Top 10 Articles

Skill Acquisition

General Coaching

Sport Science/Physical Preparation


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