Coaching Matters: Around the web May to December 2016


After a break welcome back to the December 2016 edition of Coaching Matters, a round-up of the articles I have found interesting in the past 6 months relating to coaching, sport science, physical preparation and skill acquisition. 

I took a break as I cut back on my general reading to focus on a few key aspects of my education and put together some new Coaching projects.  Also the posts were becoming somewhat unwieldy. I now plan to produce a weekly version which should be more manageable for me to compile and you to read. This one is the last big, 200+ links version. If you are interested one of the areas I have been immersing myself in is the work of Psychologist Jordan Peterson from a recommendation by Tom Farrow. You can download Jordan’s book and see his reading list here Maps of Meaning: Suggested Readings and here is a YouTube playlist of his lectures on the subject.

Its been time of real upheaval, Leicester beat 5,000 to 1 odds to win the Premier League, Connacht won the Pro 12, not to mention Brexit & Donald Trump.  These events have shaken up some status quos and raised some very interesting questions. Two key issues are Echo Chambers & the Post Truth Era which I find interesting in the context of this blog.  Looking at many of the subjects & sources there are clear indicators of my biases & the need to recognise that anyone can create and post content that suits their agenda irrespective of any facts or truth.  So remember ABC as you read – Assume Nothing, Believe No-one and Check Everything.

The whole point of this blog is sharing and interaction so if you have written or know of similar content that would be good for future posts then please let me know via Twitter @SiNainby.

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