Coaching Matters: Around the Web April 2014

I bet he didn’t practice that in a drill. Adopt the ICE model. Innovate, Create, Excite #constraints based coaching

— Ian Renshaw (@ianren21)

Welcome to the April 2014 edition of Coaching Matters, the articles I have been reading in the month.

This month I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the fantastic people I have been fortunate to interact with over the past few months. I know it has its problems but I have found Twitter to be an amazing tool for interacting with people from different sports, countries, professions and interests.

From coaches operating at grassroots to those at the elite level with roles from Intern to Performance Director and even a few Professors! These conversations are invaluable and I would encourage everyone to put themselves out there and either ask questions or spend time answering them. Apparently there is an old saying “When one teaches, two learn”.

Experts in their field love talking about their subject matter and as I am never shy of approaching people and asking questions I have found my head spinning after many of these interactions but have made some fantastic connections which I am extremely grateful for.

The whole point of this blog is sharing and interaction so if you have written or know of similar content that would be good for future posts then please let me know via or on Twitter @SiNainby.

As usual I have linked to all the articles, videos & media below that I have found of interest in the past month so dive in & have a look around.

Disclaimer – this is purely a list of the articles I have read in the month and their inclusion is in no way an endorsement. Remember, 88.6% of what you read on the internet is made up so Assume Nothing, Believe No-one, Check Everything………

Top 10

General Interest

Skill Acquisition

Physical Preparation

Sport Science

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