Coaching Matters: Around the web September 2015



Welcome to the September 2015 edition of Coaching Matters, a round up of the articles I have found interesting in the month relating to coaching, sport science, physical preparation and skill acquisition.

I had a fantastic holiday last month in Devon and disconnected totally from the internet and my mobile phone.  So much so that I have struggled to re-engage with much of the social media and digital outlets that I normally consume. At first this slightly disconcerted me as I have a large, innate “Fear of Missing Out” but it has acted as a useful filter to strip back to what I really find useful and what is just padding.

Special mention this month for the Sporticus PE Playbook which is a PE teacher’s version of this blog rounding up useful articles. Follow him on Twitter too, @ImSporticus as he posts some thought provoking insights in the life of a PE teacher and asks some good questions relevant to all coaching.

The whole point of this blog is sharing and interaction so if you have written or know of similar content that would be good for future posts then please let me know via Twitter @SiNainby.

Don’t forget to check out the Coaching Matters Live Round Up Tool, all the previous Coaching Matters blogs, my Notes From blogs of various lectures/CPD I have attended and various random thoughts on coaching.

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